The Lee Friedman Emergency Fund

In a proactive step to support students facing financial crises, College Now introduces the Lee Friedman Emergency Fund, named after its devoted CEO, Lee Friedman. With more than a decade of leading the organization, Friedman’s vision drives College Now’s mission to provide accessible education. The Fund underscores both College Now’s commitment to students and Friedman’s dedication to ensuring no student’s education is hindered by financial challenges.


The Lee Friedman Emergency Fund extends a lifeline to students grappling with various potential setbacks, offering aid for pressing needs such as past due utility bills, car repairs essential for transportation to and from school, emergency childcare and rent to prevent eviction. “The financial assistance I received from the Lee Friedman Emergency Fund helped me immensely,” a beneficiary says. “I was able to pay a medical debt that was causing me a great deal of stress.” Expressing gratitude for the support received, they added, “It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was able to finally focus without the crippling financial pressure I had known so well.” 

Another recipient adds, “Most would be relieved, thrilled even, that finals season is over. But as an at-risk, first-generation college student, that wasn’t the reality I was fortunate to have. I was scared of losing the security the dorms granted me when finals season came to an end.” They recall, “I reached out to College Now on a whim to see if there was something they could do—and they gave me emergency funding to help me live in my dorm for the winter break. I was so thankful that College Now prepared for these situations, like students battling homelessness.” Eligible students can apply through a straightforward application form, with grants of up to $500 awarded on a rolling basis. 

The Lee Friedman Emergency Fund has proven to be incredibly impactful for students facing financial crises. It embodies College Now’s commitment to postsecondary education access and completion, and pays tribute to Lee Friedman’s dedication to student success. Through firsthand accounts, we see how the Fund directly helps students, providing not just financial assistance but also relief and empowerment. As College now continues to champion the value of postsecondary education as a pathway to successful careers, let’s unite in supporting initiatives like the Lee Friedman Emergency Fund to ensure every student can pursue their academic goals without financial barriers.