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There is a misalignment between employer demand and worker supply in Northeast Ohio. Research tells us that occupations which offer family-sustaining wages and hold promise for future employment and income almost all require a postsecondary professional or technical training credential. We also know that the proportion of jobs that require postsecondary credentials has continued to rise, but educational attainment of Northeast Ohio residents has not kept pace. By 2020, 64% of Ohio jobs will require a postsecondary credential, but only 43% of Cleveland residents have this level of education, leaving a 21% gap (Lumina Foundation, 2015).

At College Now, advisors are uniquely trained to match individuals of all ages and levels of experience with the educational pathways that make good-paying jobs in in-demand fields attainable. This is not a “one size fits all” approach. For some the educational pathway might be a four-year degree in accounting; for others, a two-year nursing degree; and still for others, an 18-month welding apprenticeship.

College Now advisors meet students where they are, assess their education and career experience and goals, and match them with the opportunities that are the best fit.