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Scholarship Creation


At College Now, we have helped numerous individuals and organizations design, set up, and run their scholarship programs – and we can help you, too! Scholarships can be created for any number of individuals following the criteria that are important to you. For example, scholarships can be created for students pursuing specific majors, attending specific institutions, or graduating from specific high schools – and this is only the beginning.

At College Now, we will help you think through your scholarship and assist with the creation process from beginning to end, customizing a scholarship program that will best suit your needs. We will discuss your budget, your ideas, eligibility criteria, and more. We can handle all aspects of your created scholarship, as well, including the application process, evaluation and selection, and paying out scholarship funds.

It’s our goal to make your life easy so all you have to worry about is helping students succeed; we’ll handle the rest.

For more information, please contact Kittie Warshawsky, at [email protected] or call 216.635.0155.