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Student Loan Debt Counseling



trillion in total student loan debt.


of 2015 bachelor’s degree recipients carry student loan debt.


Average Student Loan Debt in 2015 for a bachelor’s degree recipient.

Student loan debt has risen nationally to over $1.4 trillion. 68% of 2015 bachelor’s degree recipients carry student loan debt, with the average borrower owing $30,100. Students who have defaulted on student loans are unable to apply for financial aid which makes going back to school nearly impossible. College Now can explain the process and help complete the applications for loan rehabilitation counseling on repayment and consolidation options for students in default. In addition, College Now counsels clients on the different types of loan consolidations, loan restructuring and loan forgiveness programs for Federal Student Loans and then assists with the various applications. We have helped over 1,000 adults achieve a grand total of $100 million in student loan forgiveness!

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