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Meet Our Pairs and Mentees


Laura and Yadira

Yadira (Deloitte) has greatly enjoyed getting to know her mentee, Laura. Laura is studying accounting at Miami University and has been getting a lot of advice from Yadira. “College Now has given me the opportunity to help my mentee by providing guidance and advice that could make a difference in her life,” said Yadira. She hopes she can continue to help Laura not only academically but with her professional development, as Laura has secured an internship at Deloitte this summer! “Laura is a fantastic mentee and I see nothing but bright things in her future.”

Anstaysha and Debra

Kent State student Antaysha and her mentor Debra from BrandMuscle have discussed many aspects of college life in their first year together. Debra says she’s enjoyed getting to be a “fly on the wall” of Antaysha’s college journey. “She is a very inspiring young woman with a lot of bright plans for her future,” says Debra. “She may seem shy when you first meet her, but you quickly learn that she is a very warm, welcoming and caring individual.” Antaysha says that the program has paired her with “an awesome mentor” and is very happy to have Debra’s guidance.

Henry and Ronald

Henry from Baldwin Wallace University has enjoyed getting to know his mentor Ronald (Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cleveland). The pair keeps in touch through email messages and regular text messages, and have discussed a variety of freshman year challenges. “I am glad to be a member of the College Now Program,” Henry explained, “my mentor, Ronald, has been a great resource for advice and support throughout my first year of college. I look forward to working with him as well as the College Now Program for the remainder of my college career.”

Carla and Maureen

Carla is glad to have Maureen (Lubrizol) as a mentor. “The best thing about Maureen is that she came to me at a point in my life where I was unsure about college and if I could make it. She always seems to have a positive attitude and advice for me.” Carla shared that, with Maureen’s help and support from others, she decided to continue at Kent and try her hardest.“Maureen may not feel that she has helped me but I know she has,” Carla explained. “Just by sharing her experiences and giving me a few moments of her time, it’s enough to make me feel that I have support.”