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Obtaining Financial Aid

The financial aid process can be complex and difficult to understand. Many students think they cannot attend college because they think their families cannot afford it. That’s why College Now advisors work closely with students and families to help them understand, apply for and secure financial aid to make college more affordable.

Our financial aid counseling is available to students in schools, the College Now Resource Center and through community-based programs.

Learn About Options

Our advisors help students and their families identify and learn about scholarships, grants and other funding sources in order to offset the cost of college tuition. We step students and families through the entire process and help them stay on track to make college education affordable.

Evaluate Opportunities

College Now helps students evaluate financial aid award packages to select the best fit and best funding options based on their individual situation.


Complete the FAFSA

College Now is committed to helping students and families across Greater Cleveland complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), a necessary first-step in securing any type of financial aid.

Secure Financial Aid

This year on college campuses, over 10,000 students who received College Now services have benefitted from more than $150 million in financial aid.

Student Loan Debt Counseling

Student loan debt has risen nationally to over 1 trillion dollars. Of the Ohioans earning degrees in 2013, 68% carry student loan debt, with the average borrower owing $29,000. Students that have defaulted on student loans are unable to apply for financial aid which makes going back to school nearly impossible. College Now provides loan rehabilitation counseling on repayment and consolidation options for students in default, often getting their status changed out of default. In addition, College Now provides loan consolidation, loan restructuring and loan forgiveness counseling for loans in good standing.

Schedule an Appointment at our Resource Center!

The College Now Resource Center is a free community hub staffed by College Now’s Adult Programs and Services team that offers guidance and support on all aspects of the postsecondary process, including scholarship searches, financial aid support, student loan management, and more. The services offered by the College Now Resource Center are always free. Adult Programs advisors provide individualized services to students of all ages who wish to start or continue their educational journeys.

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