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Continuing or restarting your education as an adult is challenging as you balance school, work, family, and other life obligations. College Now has a team of advisors specially trained to meet your unique needs. Along with our in-person and virtual advising support, we also have a variety of resources and supports that can help you through your education journey. Need additional help? Schedule an appointment with our team and we’ll get you what you need!

Managing Advancement Programs

MAP stands for Managing Advancement Programs. When a student is unsure which college, vocational school, or apprenticeship program to attend to achieve their academic and career goals, advisors can utilize the MAP database to explore the top three career/program clusters in NE Ohio. Those fields are

  • Healthcare
  • I.T.
  • Manufacturing

The MAP Database is intended to be used by any student who is interested in pursuing a postsecondary education, no matter their age. While it was built with the non-traditional student in mind, all the programs are viable pathways for all student types.

MAP can provide searches for careers and programs available in the student’s local area. Some opportunities are Certificate programs while others are full Degree programs. Some of the programs have apprenticeship opportunities attached to them, giving more depth to students’ experience and learning content. Advisors and students can discuss the details and requirements of the job, use the search to find local schools, compare the different costs, risk of automation, length of the program, and more!