The Impact of the Adult Learner Scholarship

College Now’s Adult Learner Scholarship offers a transformative opportunity for individuals aged 19 and over who have paused their education journey, providing a pathway for them to pursue their academic and career aspirations. This scholarship, renewable for up to 10 semesters or until the completion of a bachelor’s degree, offers vital financial support to recipients as they navigate their educational pursuits.


One recipient of this scholarship is Hasna Rachid, whose journey from Morocco to the United States led her to Tri-C and eventually Cleveland State University, where she is in her last semester of pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering. As a first-generation student without familial support in the U.S., Hasna found solace and encouragement in the Adult Learner Scholarship. It relieved the financial burdens that often weigh heavily on nontraditional students, allowing her to focus on her studies, secure internships and excel in her academic endeavors.

“When I transferred to Cleveland State, the classes were harder than Tri-C’s classes and I wasn’t able to work as much. The support of the scholarship helped me focus on my education and have time to focus on finding internships in my career,” she says. The mentorship provided by College Now further enriched her educational experience, offering guidance and support every step of the way. 

Similarly, Xiomara Yochum, a student in the University of Cincinnati’s social work program, found renewed hope and determination through the Adult Learner Scholarship. At 50 years old, Xiomara discovered that it was never too late to pursue her educational dreams, thanks to the support and encouragement she received from College Now. “Without this scholarship, I wouldn’t have been able to [pursue education]. It wasn’t just the scholarship– it was also the amazing support I received from College Now. Every time I had a question, College Now went above and beyond with responding quickly and with details,” she says. With the scholarship’s assistance, Xiomara is set to graduate soon, to which she credits College Now. 

As the deadline for the scholarship approaches on April 30, 2024, College Now invites aspiring adult learners to take advantage of this opportunity to transform their lives and pursue their educational aspirations with confidence and support by applying to this scholarship here