Increase Postsecondary Educational Attainment


Pillar #2: Increase Postsecondary Educational Attainment

To achieve College Now’s vision, it is imperative to remain focused on postsecondary educational attainment and delivering services that help beneficiaries before, during and after enrollment in postsecondary educational programs. College Now’s core programs and services – advising, mentoring and scholarships – work together to drive successful completion of postsecondary education for beneficiaries.

Improve postsecondary access and enrollment with an emphasis on historically underserved communities.

College Now’s more than 50 years of experience informs its multifaceted approach to postsecondary enrollment – from awareness-raising to affordability – and increasingly reflects a commitment to helping learners of all ages make decisions about postsecondary education based on their personal career goals, skills and interests. Effectively driving postsecondary enrollment includes framing college as a key part of one’s career journey rather than the destination, an approach reflected in College Now’s advising strategy.


Improve postsecondary education completion for beneficiaries using data and best practices research.

Getting individuals into postsecondary education and training programs is only half the battle. College Now also provides services and support to ensure people achieve their goals and complete their postsecondary education programs. The COVID-19 pandemic meant years of lost classroom time and added stress for a generation of people, increasing the financial, mental health and academic barriers facing many postsecondary students. Effectively supporting postsecondary completion in upcoming years will require a community effort to ensure individuals and families can access the variety of resources they need to overcome barriers and finish postsecondary education and training.