Navigating the Postsecondary Path: Three Focus Areas for Upperclassmen in a New Academic Year

Navigating the Postsecondary Path: Three Focus Areas for Upperclassmen in a New Academic Year “What are your plans after high school?” It’s a question all students face at some point in their high school careers, often well before even reaching senior year. As a new school year gets underway, upperclassmen especially will start to engage in more frequent conversations about life after school and will be encountering an increasing amount of responsibility as graduation nears. College Now supports all students we serve in their unique postsecondary journeys (be in pursuing a four-year or two-year degree or license/credential), and as the school year begins, our advisors are prepared to guide students through all facets of planning for life beyond high school. For upperclassmen, College Now recommends keeping in mind these key elements for pursuing postsecondary education:


For most students, affordability remains their top concern regarding higher education. Whether students consider a two- or four-year degree, an apprenticeship, or a certificate program, upperclassmen should research and inquire about a variety of financial aid resources. College Now encourages students and families to have conversations about finances early on to ensure that students have access to as many resources as possible. Many students postpone their search for scholarships until spring semester of their senior year. However, several opportunities hold much earlier deadlines! For example, every year, the Cleveland Browns Foundation, in partnership with College Now, awards two seniors with a $10,000 scholarship, and the application (found here) remains open only through September 30th, 2019. Additionally, College Now advisors can assist students in answering questions about eligibility for the Say Yes Scholarship, a tuition gap-closing scholarship available to all eligible students attending an Ohio public four-year university, two-year college, eligible trade or certificate program, or partnering private college in the national Say Yes Higher Education Compact. Students who meet residential requirements and attend a CMSD or eligible partnering charter high school from 9th through 12th grade are eligible. For more information, visit College Now advisors will also begin the year reminding seniors that the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opens on October 1st, 2019. Completing the FAFSA remains an essential step in funding one’s postsecondary education and College Now recommends that students and parents gather all necessary documentation ahead of time to ensure a smooth filing process. ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND ENTRANCE EXAM PREP For many high school juniors and seniors, their stress centers around college entrance exams. To help students achieve their best results, College Now offers an 8-week program called impact!, which is designed to improve students’ ACT, SAT, and PSAT scores and increase students’ college and career readiness with a focus on reading and math. Registration for this program, hosted at nine different locations, is available here. In addition to test scores, postsecondary admission representatives will review students’ academic performance based on GPA and difficulty of coursework. For juniors, keep in mind that most colleges will require 11th grade transcripts with applications, so it’s important to maintain strong grades during this academic year. But that doesn’t mean that seniors receive a free pass! Most postsecondary programs require students to send their final transcripts after graduation before students can officially enroll, so beware of “senioritis,” and continue to put forth your best effort. FINDING THE RIGHT FIT Finances and academics make up only part of the postsecondary equation. Discovering the right postsecondary fit is equally important to a student’s success beyond high school. To guide students through this process, College Now advisors utilize the MAP (Managing Advancement Programs) Database, a clearinghouse of training and education programs that lead to in-demand jobs in Northeast Ohio. This tool, among others, helps students determine which opportunities best suit their skills and interests and how that applies to a career. Financial aid, academic performance, and uncovering the right fit significantly impact a student’s plans for postsecondary education. College Now continues to utilize a variety of resources to guide students through their individual paths to postsecondary success and looks forward to working with students throughout this academic year!]]>