The Cleveland Foundation Scholarships

Managed by College Now Greater Cleveland


Minimum GPA: 2.5

Location or High School: Florida A&M University

Field of Study: Any

Deadline: April 30, 2024

Application Type: Other

Judge Leo A. & Mrs. Gilberta A. Jackson Justice and Integrity Community/Public Service Scholarship

Purpose: The Judge Leo A. and Mrs. Gilberta A. Jackson Justice and Integrity Community/Public Service Scholarship, originally established at the Cleveland Foundation and now managed by College Now Greater Cleveland, is an annual award that rotates between Morehouse College, Spelman College and Florida A&M University (only applicants who attend Florida A&M University will be considered for the 2024-2025 award).

The interest is to identify and encourage such individuals who are also known to conduct themselves according to a high standard of personal integrity. This is in keeping with the values of the Scholarship namesakes and the belief that how college students conduct themselves already counts.

This award, established by Linda Jackson Sowell in her parents' honor, supports students entering their junior or senior year at her parents' alma maters--Morehouse College and Spelman College (Atlanta, Georgia) and Florida A&M University where Judge Jackson briefly taught in his home State of Florida. Financial need will only be a selection criteria should the need arise to select the Scholarship recipient from among otherwise equal Scholarship applicant finalists.

Judge Leo Jackson (1920-1996) was an alumnus of Morehouse College, BA 1943, Atlanta University, MBA, and Cleveland Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University, JD 1950. Born in Lake City and raised in Orlando, Florida as the youngest of 15 children, he was a fervent public servant who used his legal and business skills to benefit the Greater Cleveland community with special focus upon voting rights and the promotion of equal justice under the law.

He served as Cleveland City Councilman (1957-1970) and Judge, Eighth Appellate District of Ohio (1970-1986), often taking principled public stands while shunning personal gains and despite risks to his life and career.

Born in Statham and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Mrs. Gilberta A. Jackson (1924-1991) was an alumna of Spelman College, BA 1945. She paused her career to facilitate her husband's demanding career and to focus upon the well-rounded education of her children including the arts. She returned to pursuing substitute teaching in the Cleveland Municipal Schools when the children were older. Throughout her life in Cleveland, she was actively involved in community service activities, including membership on several boards of trustees.

• Minimum 2.5 GPA

• Primary residence in Greater Cleveland OR the state of Georgia or Florida

• Enrolled full-time at Florida A&M University

• Rising junior or senior

• Pursuing a career/vocation in public or community service

• Able to demonstrate through college activities a lifetime passion for principled leadership and community service, public service and/or social justice in life and career

• Adhere to a high standard of personal integrity

Application Requirements:
• A copy of your most recent academic transcript

• 2024-2025 FAFSA Submission Summary (FSS). We are aware of the many changes and delays happening with the 24-25 FAFSA. We highly encourage applicants who have not yet received a FAFSA Submission Summary but otherwise have completed their application to submit as early as possible. We will be as flexible as possible this year regarding deadlines for the FSS and will send out any updates when we have them.

• Two nominations. They may either both be from University faculty or staff, or one may be from an off-campus community organization or activity.
• Nomination forms can be accessed here

• Essay (see application page for prompt)

• A document detailing your community service, public service, and/or social justice experiences, either on- or off-campus, as well as any leadership positions held while in college.

• Financial aid award letter from your university

Application Method: Submit a Jackson Scholarship Application here. Applicants must submit two nominations as part of their application. Nomination forms can be accessed here.

Selection Process: Selections will be based on the completed application and adherence to the eligibility criteria. Financial need will be used only as a tie breaker in the case of two otherwise equal applicants.

Award Info: The annual award amount will be determined by the available funds and the number of applicants selected. Award will be for a minimum of $1,000. Formal notification of award will be made by College Now to the selected recipient(s). Awards will be paid directly to the institution and must be applied to tuition, fees, books, supplies and/or equipment required for coursework.

Awarded Student Requirements:
1. Maintain full-time enrollment status during the award year

2. Maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA

Renewal: Scholarship recipients may reapply should their College be an eligible institution during both their junior and senior years.