Advance College Now’s Organizational Effectiveness


Pillar #4: Advance College Now’s Organizational Effectiveness

Maintaining College Now’s reputation as a strong and stable nonprofit will require the organization’s board and leadership to continue to govern in a manner that balances fiscal responsibility with risk-taking and innovation. Sustainability also requires continuing and strengthening College Now’s commitment to hiring and retaining high-quality staff who understand and share the lived experiences of the organization’s beneficiaries.

Importantly, this strategic plan will see the organization through the first chief executive officer change in more than a decade, a process throughout which College Now’s passionate, engaged and diverse board will play a fundamental role.


Maintain a diverse and effective board and workforce.

College Now’s power comes from its talented, passionate staff, making it imperative that the organization continue its longstanding commitment to hiring, developing and retaining high-quality professionals at all levels of the organization. Being a great place to work means providing a safe, inclusive space for individuals from all backgrounds and lived experiences and being intentional in identifying and implementing policies and practices (including maintaining a diverse board of directors) that promote equity for staff as well as beneficiaries.


Build succession planning as an institutional practice across departments and with board of directors.

In preparation for leadership changes, College Now is well positioned to hone its approach to succession planning and leverage lessons learned during a transitional time organization wide.


Standardize, capture and internally communicate about organizational policies, processes and norms.

As the organization prepares for leadership transitions, it will be more important than ever to achieve clarity on day-to-day operations and have open and transparent conversations about what the future holds and the implications of any changes for staff.


Ensure long-term organizational health.

College Now would not be where it is without ongoing collaboration from school districts, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, businesses, philanthropic organizations and government agencies. These programmatic partnerships support College Now in reaching its beneficiaries and delivering services when and where they are needed and will remain a core piece of the organization’s work moving forward. With steadfast support from its board of directors, College Now has refined its business model over the past decade, contributing to robust growth and financial stability that can and should continue moving forward.