Expand and Enhance the Impact of College Now’s Role as a Thought Leader


Pillar #3: Expand and Enhance the Impact of College Now’s Role as a Thought Leader

As a thought leader, College Now lends it hard-earned social and political capital to change the systems that stand in the way of its vision. This often means leading and participating in transformational regional initiatives like Say Yes Cleveland, the Higher Education Compact and the Greater Cleveland Career Consortium. It also means advocating for public policies — within both government and organizations — that shift the ways people learn about, access and experience postsecondary education. Greater Cleveland continues to experience significant leadership transitions, including a new county executive, Cleveland mayor and Cleveland Metropolitan School District superintendent, as well as new leaders at multiple local institutions of higher education. At the same time, the Ohio Legislature continues to introduce (and often pass) legislation that undercuts funding for public K-12 education where College Now delivers services, strangles critical dialogue on college campuses with which College Now partners and disregards the very real impact of systemic racism on educational and economic outcomes for Ohioans. For all these reasons, it is imperative that College Now continue to take a stand on issues that impact its beneficiaries at all levels of policymaking.


Advocate for policies that support our mission and vision.

College Now historically has advocated at the local, state and national levels for public funding and policies that support postsecondary students before, during and after graduation. This work is arguably more important than ever as public sentiment turns away from prioritizing postsecondary education. College Now will continue to make its voice heard when it comes to policies that affect its mission and the lives of its beneficiaries.


Deepen College Now’s presence as a leader and key partner in college and career advising and scholarship and retention services.

College Now has established itself as a key player in driving regional innovation around what it takes to support the career and educational goals of our beneficiaries. From its role in Say Yes Cleveland to the Higher Education Compact to the Greater Cleveland Career Consortium, College Now will continue shaping these critical conversations in upcoming years. College Now staff and board members are invited often to speak about best practices and lessons learned in the work, all important opportunities for the organization to shine and to contribute to shared knowledge in the postsecondary education space.